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Hi my name is Steve Jones, that's me on the right.
I will be your very own on-line personal trainer and guide.
Let me tell you the  true secret to getting a leaner, sexier body that stands out in a crowd.

At this point you are only minutes away from discovering how you can develop the body you have always dreamed of
, however you must take the next couple of minutes to read the important information below as this is the first step to your road to success.

Everyone wants to look good and feel good about themselves but are often a little frustrated because they just don't know how to get the results that they are looking for.

Are you tired of following fad diet and exercise programs that promise you the world but end up in total failure only having you gain more weight and end up back where you started?
This story sounds familiar doesn't it!

I now know for sure that nearly everyone has some part of their body they would like to change.
The most common being "How do I lose my flabby stomach and get a nice tight waistline?"
Or tone up your arms and legs?
Build some quality lean muscle mass onto your frame?
Increase your strength and energy?
Look more attractive for your partner?
Kick those bad eating habits once and for all?
Learn what to eat and when to eat it to prevent fat storage?
Exercise for half the time yet still get better results?
Improve your self confidence?
Lose weight after having a child?
Learn how to ensure your children have optimum health and fitness?
Achieve that trim, healthy looking body you have alw
ays dreamed of having?

Combine all of the answers to the questions above with the passion to succeed and you have the power to change the human shape and form. To add muscle, trim away fat and improve the way you feel is the most incredible gift in life. Everyone wants to look good and feel good, I am sure you will agree.

YOU CAN if you know how...... And I will show you how!

With my help you will be able to transform your body faster than you would ever believe possible.
You must have knowledge on exercise, nutrition and supplementation to succeed.
"Knowledge" is the difference between success and failure.

Do you know that fat is not the real enemy when it comes to weightloss!
Or how to stimulate your bodies natural hormones to burn fat and tone muscle at the same time?

Do you also know what the most powerful natural drug  in the world is when it comes to controlling your bodyweight?

Do you know the difference between carbohydrates and proteins and how much of each to consume?

These are just a few of the questions that you must know the answers to if you truly want to succeed.

Why not be the best YOU can BE.
Why not use all the tools available to you to achieve your dream body?
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You deserve the results just as much as any other person does.
Getting results is not just for the few gifted people, it is for you and you can succeed with my guidance.

Getting in shape is a process that any person can perfect as long as they have the knowledge to unlock the doors to success.
How would you like to have access to knowledge that will get you into your best shape ever.

What would you say if I could offer you the keys to physical perfection?
Would you take these keys and use them to their full potential to reach your goals.
If you truly want to succeed your answer has to be

If your answer is NO then more than likely you will never get the results that you dearly desire.
Knowledge is the key to achieving any goal in life. Ultimately the way you use the knowledge is of utmost importance, because there is no use knowing if no action is taken. You must act now if you want to discover how truly incredible you can really look with my help.

Acting upon what you know creates a domino effect and everything begins to fall into place. What once seemed to be difficult now seems to be easy. What once was confusing now is simple.When the keys are used to open the locked doors the floodgates open and the results come rushing on in.
You will be amazed at how easily you can get results when you know how.

Get into the best shape of your life no matter what shape you are in at the moment.
Young, old, middle age. Too thin, too fat, whatever!!.
It does not matter where you start......
Only where you finish!

Don't ever think that you can't change the way you look and feel about yourself. Anyone can make drastic changes to their body if they have the right information.
Personally I get great satisfaction from helping others to succeed because I was once in your position and I know how confusing it can be. With so many different ideas and advice it is difficult to know who to believe.

Why is my "Key to Physical Perfection" program different from all the other programs on the market?
My answer to your question is, I tell you the truth. plain and simple.....Just the facts.
Over the last 20 + years in the health and fitness industry in which I owned and managed two gymnasiums I have had the opportunity to observe not only my mistakes but hundreds, if not thousands of others who have succeeded or failed.
I have gathered all of what I have witnessed over these years and condensed it into a program called
"Keys to Physical Perfection".
It is basically hands on experience at it's best. No bull, No stories, just quality information that is designed to get you into the best shape of your life.

Below is an example of what my program has to offer.



Plus much, much more.....

Imagine how you will feel the next time you are down the beach. You no longer have to cover up and wear a t-shirt to hide your love handles and flabby thighs. You can proudly display your new body with your trim waistline and super toned muscles.

How much would you expect to pay a personal trainer for a full nutrition and training program over 12 weeks?bodybuilding programs, diets, health and fitness, weight training programs

Well, my regular personal training fee is $75
per hour and I will tell you now there are many hundreds of hours of information in this package.

I am willing to offer you everything you need to easily obtain your dream body for FREE!

Thats right....I said you pay "Zippo, nothing at all
this is my gift to you to help you unlock your true potential for success.

My comprehensive "Keys To Physical Perfection
program" that holds 20+ years of secrets on how to get into incredible shape quickly and easily!

I have spent 20 years accumulating this valuable information.
Can you afford to spend the next 20 years trying to figure out everything you need to know to get your body intoperfect shape?

Below are a few testimonials from people following my 
"Keys to Physical Perfection" program.


Hi Steve,
I have to thank you for your help in my last couple of weeks,I
don't know if I would have made it without your help!!!! Thanks for
being there and responding so promptly to my emails. It is easy to see
you are really in this to truly help other people succeed,and I must
give you a big THANK YOU!!!! Whenever I get any emails asking what I
did to get myself in shape and ripped,I tell them it is welll worth the
money to join you site of Keys to Physical Perfection.
I wil keep you posted on the regionals.
Thanks again,
Brian Luckenbaugh

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Dear Steve,

"I am just writing to say that I am very impressed with the results I am getting from your "Keys to physical Perfection program" in such a short amount of time. It has only been two short weeks and I have already lost 2 inches from around my waist and added 1/2 and inch to my arms. Finally I have found a program that tells the truth about diet and exercise and is easy to follow.
I would like to thank you for your free consultations as this has saved me hundreds of dollars in personal trainers fees.
All the best and keep up the good work."

J. Stanly

Dear Steve,

"Just a quick note to show you my appreciation.
Thanks to you, I am now able to walk down the beach without feeling embarrassed about my flabby stomach.
I now have a flat slim stomach and I can see my first two lines of abs coming through. I only wish I had come across your program sooner as I now realize what I have been missing out on.
Thanks Steve, for helping me achieve what I thought was once impossible!"

G. Barkros

"Thanks for your Keys program. I am now able to walk past a mirror and not feel ashamed at myself. I had almost given up hope of ever getting my body into shape. I had tried nearly every diet released with little or no success. After reading your program I now realize where I was going wrong. Your information is awakening to say the least and I wish I had found it 5 years ago when I first started at the gym as I could have saved myself many hours of wasted time."

Kind regards
K. Howard

Are you ready to experience success like these happy people above.
Imagine the time and money you will save!How to build muscle, how to lose weight, how to get in shape
No more expensive personal trainers.

he choice is yours. Leave now and continue with your current diet and training program that may or may not be giving you the results you desire or invest a little time in downloading my program
and discover the real keys to building and shaping the perfect body.

Make the right decision, because this could be one of the most important steps you take to improve the quality of your life.

To change or not to change, the decision is yours.

Well its decision time. Are you going to take the next step and discover what you need to know to succeed?
Or are you going to leave and just be happy with what you know even though it is possibly not giving you the results you really desire?

You are one step away from your dream body.

A lean muscular sexy body that will turn heads where ever you go.

Why would I offer such service?
Because I am tired of seeing people not getting the results they deserve. The frustration on their faces drives me crazy!

I have the knowledge and the gift to help you and others like you achieve your dreams.
Why shouldn't I share that knowledge.

I get great satisfaction from helping others achieve their personal goals.
This is my contribution in life.

Even if I can help just one single person I will be happy in knowing that I have shared my knowledge and made a huge difference in someone's life. Let me help you to discover what you have been missing out on....

Your dream body is waiting.

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To your Health & Well being
Steve Jones

Pan Pacific Bodybuilding Champion
Health & Fitness Consultant